Sporting Event Banners

Do you have a large area you need to brand for an event?

Banners on a Roll® has been working with marathon and other distance-run event promoters for years, creating memorable event signage at an incredible value. The vibrant  banner rolls are weather resistant and can be easily cut to fit your specific application.

Versatile Banners

Banners on a Roll® are made from durable plastic medium and printed with vibrant, colorfast inks designed for both indoor and outdoor use.  From trailing a finish line barricade enclosure to short spans for booth table skirts, Banners on a Roll® is flexible enough to provide the right fit for your sporting event.

Easy Installation

Large or small, Banners on a Roll® are simple to install.  Roll out the length you need, cut, and attach the banner to the structure with either an adhesive tape or zip ties.

Sponsors Love It

Do you have event sponsors or partnering organizations you want to provide visible recognition?  Seeing their logo repeated across the main stage or rigging at your next concert, or along the race route at your 5K or 10K race.  They’ll feel like a million bucks, while you’ve saved a ton on event signage and branding.

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