Pennant Strings

Most of our products give you a chance to showcase your brand at eye-level or below. This makes sense because putting your message closer to eye-level makes it easy to read for people that are nearby. But, if you’re trying to attract people from afar, eye-level signage can easily get covered up by crowds and other obstacles. In this situation, the only way to go is up – and that’s where our custom pennant strings come into play. Hang your branded pennant strings high in the air and watch the old, familiar design reel in the visitors. For more information on product features and pricing, let us provide you with a quote.

Popular Uses

Popular uses for our Pennant Strings include:

  • Fairs and festivals – Attract visitors from across the fairgrounds with your pennant strings
  • Concerts – Call attention to your merchandise or food tent with a string of colorful pennants

Product Details


  • Made of disposable plastic
  • Available in Triangular or Rectangular Shapes
  • String lengths of 30’ / 60’ / 105’
  • Single and Double sided printing available