Banners on a Roll

Banners on a Roll® are a cost-effective branding solution for businesses or nonprofits seeking consistent, extensive signage at large events and busy locations. Depending on your venue and audience, Banners on a Roll can cover a lot of territory to maximize your event visibility.

We’ve designed Banners on a Roll with event directors, personnel and business owners in mind.  Banners on a Roll are lightweight, portable, and fuss-free, so you can focus on running your event.

It’s easy: just unroll, cut, and display.

We understand that you can’t predict the weather, and the last thing you want is for a little rain to ruin your advertising. Our weatherproof, lightweight plastic material not only safeguards against the elements, but also allows you to display consistent branding throughout your event.

No matter where you want to attract customers, Banners on a Roll are designed to stand out from the crowd. High-quality ink makes for eye-catching, captivating images and text that are clearly visible from a distance. Repeated messaging and logo display promote your business/organization and top-of-mind engagement with your brand.

Popular Uses

Banners on a Roll can be displayed at a variety of events and activities, and they really shine at medium and large-scale sporting events, concerts and charity events, including:

  • Sporting events. Banners on a Roll can be used to announce championship games, Grand Prix races, professional sporting leagues and more.
  • Charity events. Looking to draw attention to your next charity marathon, art exhibit, or fundraiser? Using Banners on a Roll with the right message can draw the eye (and maybe even improve donations).
  • Marathons. Mark the course. Make sure to highlight your sponsors – beverage tables, pre and post events. Cordon off areas.
  • College events. Whether your school is hosting a reunion weekend, graduation ceremony or tailgate party, or any number of sporting events, Banners on a Roll can serve as an easy signpost for your event.
  • Concerts. From individual shows to big arenas, bring in more sponsors with attention-grabbing banners that tell your audience who is supporting the show.
  • Business events. Conferences, trade shows, corporate events, you name it — Banners on a Roll can promote them.
  • And lots more… From pop-up restaurants, to auto dealerships, to mall kiosks and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, not to mention a host of other applications, Banners on a Roll are a great way to stand out.

Whether you’re a marathon director or an established financial institution, we’ll produce a Banners on a Roll that align with your aesthetic and brand.

Product Details

1 Roll Option:

  • Height: 18” or 24”
  • Length of Roll: 400, 600, or 800 linear feet
  • Number of Rolls: 1, 2, 3 or 4 rolls

Conventional Quantity Option: (more you buy… the more you save)

  • 3,000 imprints, packaged as 15 rolls with 200 imprints per roll (best deal)
  • Of course, the order will be tailored to your needs
  • Heights: all the way up to 48″
  • Various print repeats are available

Why Choose Us

Our Banners on a Roll® are not only a great way to advertise your business/organization or tell the story of your event, but to establish relationships with your customers.

They’re carefully designed, clear, and readable, as well as durable and lightweight. Banners on a Roll are also cost-effective and convenient to use, making for a strong, connection with your audience.

We work with you to make sure your brand is represented accurately and gets the visibility it deserves. With robust customer service and numerous customization options, we work to supply you with everything you need for your next event.

How To Order

To receive a quote, call us toll-free at 1-800-786-7411 to chat with one of our experienced representatives.

You can also email us directly at or set up an account with us online.

Production & Installation

Production Time: We typically wrap up production about 10-14 working days from the approval of the art. This does not include shipping time.
Art: Clients are responsible for submitting acceptable print-ready art. If artwork must be modified, you’ll be notified of the charges prior to printing. You’ll be able to approve a color proof via email.
Installation: a pair of scissors, white duct tape. We also carry banner tabs which enable you to use bungee cords or rope.