If you’re broadcasting a live event or snapping photos on the red carpet, a blank wall in the background means you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to showcase your sponsors. With our light-absorbing, custom backdrops you’ll have the ability to fill the entire background of your broadcast or photos with a high-quality step and repeat banner or media backdrop. Our backdrops are also a great option if you’re looking for stage scrims. Whether you’re sponsoring a concert or a band that wants to show off your artwork, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get the backdrops you need.


  • Made of durable vinyl
  • Hemmed to enhance durability
  • Pole pockets

Popular uses for our Backdrops include:

  • Press conferences – Increase brand awareness by hanging a backdrop behind the interview stage.
  • Awards shows and other red carpet events – Create that official red carpet look with a step and repeat banner.
  • Concerts – Prop up a few scrims on stage with the performer’s art or logo.