Running Events: Banners And Marathon Branding

Whether it’s a 5k charity run, a run/walk to raise awareness for a cause, race or a marathon, there are plenty of opportunities for marketing, and Banners on a Roll® is here for all your branding needs. Our extensive line of event products will undoubtedly help your company or your event sponsors get the most exposure at any running event.

You can use your start and finish line banners to promote your message or a key sponsor with one of our conventional vinyl banners. Additionally, our branded barricade covers and mesh banners are a great way to ensure that your message will be visible to everyone at the event. We can also print custom barricade tape that can be used to mark off designated areas for participants or act as the break tape across the finish line.

March of Dimes Event Banner

Need some other eye-catching displays to promote your business or event sponsors? Our Banners on a Roll® make it easy to decorate large amounts of space, whether it’s at sponsored water tables throughout the course, the registration booths, or event concession stands.

Creative branding isn’t just limited to your course, either. Make your sign-in and registration area stand out with our pop-up tents and table coverings. Our Banners on a Roll® also make great table skirting, creating extra message reach and brand awareness.

Banners on a Roll® can also print yard signs that you can use to help guide runners along certain routes, designate specific areas, or even use for supportive messages for participants. And after the race is over, you can send participants home with promotional material in one of our branded plastic bags.

What branding needs do you have for your next racing event? Fill out our Request a Quote form to get an estimate and learn more about how our racing banners and other promotional products can make your event a success!