Promotional Products For Nonprofit Events

While we work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, nonprofits have become somewhat of a sweet spot for us. We really excel when given the opportunity to not only provide promotional products, but plug ourselves into the event planning process as well. This is evidenced by the long-standing relationships we’ve built with organizations like March of Dimes and Autism Speaks.Another part of what makes us such a good fit for nonprofits is our wide range of products. Whether you’re putting on a large-scale event like a marathon or a small fundraiser, we have everything you need to make it a huge success.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the picture below as a great example of the range of products we offer.

In the foreground, there’s a team of participants holding one of our conventional vinyl banners. Scattered throughout the photo, you can see several participants using our custom yard signs to mark their team’s meeting location. Finally, in the background you can spot a handful of our custom pop up tents being used for registration.

Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our flagship product – Banners on a Roll®. As you’ll see in the pictures below, the uses for this product are virtually endless. In one picture, it’s the “ribbon” at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. In another, it’s a finish line for a benefit run. In the third picture, it’s wrapped around a railing on the perimeter of a bike race.

As you can tell, the message we want to send when it comes to working with nonprofits is that we’re experienced and willing to work for you. Others might sell similar products, but no one else offers the same level of experience with nonprofits alongside our commitment to making your event a rousing success.

To find out how we can help, fill out the ‘Get a Quote’ form. Once we receive your message, we’ll send you the relevant information and begin communicating with you to learn more about your organization and goals.