Concert Stage Decorations And Promotional Products

When preparing for any outdoor concert or music festival, it’s imperative to remember that while the music is the main attraction, the opportunities are nearly endless for marketing your band, brand or even the festival itself.Banners on a Roll® is a seasoned professional at creating exciting, engaging and cost-effective marketing materials suited perfectly to your event’s needs. Let’s take a walk in the shoes of one of the thousands of individuals who visit these festivals/concerts each year:

You arrive, and while waiting at the entrance you take in the sights. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize our retractable banners. Instead of staring into space, the festival-goer will be looking directly at a banner with your brand on it.

Now you head inside. It’s going to be some time before your favorite band goes on, but you want a good spot, so you head directly to the stage. Here’s another amazing opportunity just waiting for you to take advantage. If you’re a band, you know that an amazing stage backdrop is a great way to show your prominence and get people excited. And if you’re an event sponsor, there is ample room for stage scrims and other custom stage banners. While the fans wait for the music, they’ll see the branding and message you want to express.

Concert Stage Signage and Banners

If you need to cordon off certain areas or create a buffer between the stage and the crowd, our barricade tape lets you designate areas for a specific purpose while also promoting your brand or a sponsor’s message. If you need something more durable, our barricade covers can help turn metal crowd control barricades into beautiful promotional images.

At music festivals and outdoor concerts, fans often walk around, especially if there are multiple stages. This is a great opportunity for using Banners on a Roll®’s many products to promote your business at the pop-up tents for the refreshments and merchandise. Additionally, you can make even more use of the space with our pennant strings and festival banners to call attention to the tents.

While we’re talking about the refreshment tents, it makes sense to talk about the inevitable mess that can be created. Trash barrels can be unsightly, but luckily, we can print gorgeous barrel covers that turn these unsightly necessities into an effective way to spread your message throughout the venue or park. If there’s a donation portion to your concert or festival, you can also decorate the collection bin with our barrel wraps.

It’s as easy as that. Put yourself in the shoes of a participant, and see what opportunities are available. Click the ‘Get a Quote’ button above to fill out our form and see what we can do for your concert or festival.